What You Get with Our Home Cleaning and Green Cleaning Services in Dallas, TX

What You Get On Each Visit (What we do)


We customize our maid service to suit your needs and your budget. Here is a list of the cleaning tasks commonly included in a regular home cleaning in Dallas, TX.



  1. Vacuum floor surfaces
  2. Vacuum furniture in family room
  3. Clean sliding glass doors
  4. Remove cobwebs
  5. Spot clean light switch plates
  6. Make beds
  7. Change linens
  8. Tidy rooms
  9. Dust all furnishings and decorative items within reach
  10. Dust ceiling fans within reach
  11. Dust window blinds
  12. Empty trash



  1. Clean & sanitize all countertops
  2. Clean & sanitize sink and faucets
  3. Clean outside of all appliances
  4. Clean inside of microwave
  5. Spot clean cabinet exteriors
  6. Wipe off table and chairs
  7. Dust baseboards
  8. Clean floor



  1. Clean & sanitize counter and sink
  2. Clean & sanitize shower and tub
  3. Clean & sanitize toilet
  4. Shine mirrors and chrome
  5. Vacuum and sanitize floor
  6. Dust light fixtures within reach
  7. Spot clean cabinet exteriors
  8. Fold towels


Here is a list of popular extra tasks requested on a regular or occasional basis (additional fees may apply):


(some items are included on move ins – move outs and hourly rate)



  1. Clean ceiling fans
  2. Clean out fireplace (must be unused for 72 hours, minimum)
  3. Clean glass doors
  4. Remove books from bookshelves and clean shelves
  5. Clean underneath area rugs
  6. Clean baseboards
  7. Clean woodwork
  8. Clean window interiors
  9. Sweep porch
  10. Sweep garage
  11. Polish silver



  1. Clean inside refrigerator
  2. Clean inside freezer
  3. Clean inside oven
  4. Clean under stovetop
  5. Clean exhaust fan/hood
  6. Wash out wastebaskets
  7. Wash walls (latex paint only)
  8. Clean cabinet fronts
  9. Remove all items from cabinets, clean, replace shelf paper, replace items



  1. Clean inside empty cabinets and drawers
  2. Wash woodwork
  3. Wash window interiors
  4. Remove all items from cabinets, clean, replace shelf paper, replace items
  5. Clean walls (Latex Paint only)


Green Cleaning Services

Green cleaning services are becoming more and more popular in Dallas, TX as consumers become more aware of the potential health risks associated with traditional cleaning products and methods. Green cleaning is important for families who want to create the safest indoor environment possible for themselves, their pets, and their guests. Chemical ingredients in common household products can contain toxins that can make us sick. Illnesses resulting from these toxins can be as mild as a headache or as severe as cancer. But green cleaning can reduce or eliminate these health risks.


Professionals who apply true green cleaning are careful to evaluate solutions and equipment to ensure they meet certain standards for health safety and effectiveness. Maids in Dallas Cleaning is the one cleaning company that takes commitment to protect our customers and employees seriously. Some services say they are green but only address certain aspects of a true green program. But in order to provide the health benefits that green cleaning services claim, they should do all of these things:


  1. Use solutions that are certified by Green Seal (or another recognized organization) to be free from carcinogens, reproductive toxins, neurotoxins, fragrances, and other ingredients which can cause health problems.
  2. Use “greener” equipment such as vacuums that are recognized by the American Lung Association to improve indoor air quality.
  3. Use color-coded microfiber cloths to reduce the need for cleaning solutions, minimize landfill waste and prevent cross-contamination from room to room within the home.
  4. Have the means to ensure that each member of the green cleaning service’s staff is following the prescribed cleaning protocol in every home and on every visit.
  5. Stay abreast of the latest science and technology so that the service can always offer the safest and most effective cleaning protocols available.


Green cleaning services that use green cleaning solutions but do not improve indoor air quality could cancel out any benefit from other safer solutions. For example, using a vacuum that stirs up dust and circulates it through the air rather than removing it may nullify the green cleaning program’s reduction of asthma or allergy attacks.


Companies that address all these aspects of a holistic green cleaning method, on the other hand, provide maximum health benefits to people, pets, and the environment.


Maids in Dallas Cleaning is the one green cleaning company that is committed to doing everything possible in order to minimize and prevent potential health risks associated with traditional cleaning services. Services that don’t address the cleaning solutions, tools, equipment, and processes cannot claim to be truly green. Don’t be fooled by “partially green” cleaning services. Choose Maids in Dallas Cleaning and be certain you’re getting the maximum health benefit from green cleaning.


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