Professional Maid Service


Maids In Dallas Cleaning in Dallas, Texas, is a family-owned cleaning service that utilizes the most advanced equipment and a staff of experienced professionals. We are committed to cleaning your home and office with a supervised crew that has all been background -check for your safety. Our cleaning supplies are non-toxic, and we offer easy payment options with no contracts. We have been in business since 2001, and customer satisfaction is our primary goal.


Initial Consultation

We begin your service with a free estimate of the costs involved and a full explanation of what we do. If you are not happy with any area we have cleaned, we will come back to finish the job in a way that ensures you are satisfied.


Detail Cleaning

Our residential approach begins with our home detail cleaning, which cleans every aspect of your residence from top to bottom. This in-depth approach is followed by your regularly scheduled general cleaning, which allows us to maintain the dazzling look and feel of your home.


Reasonable Rates

Our pricing for hourly cleaning for a team of two is $70 per hour and $105 per hour for a team of three. Hourly cleanings are for first-time clients that have homes of more than 3,000 square feet or clients with special cleaning requests. When you submit your customized cleaning list, we begin with a three-hour estimate, but we only charge for the time spent if our team finishes in less time than that.


Regular Attention

In addition to our general cleaning, we offer additional services that include window cleaning, and regular laundry service. This also includes providing you with a daily housekeeper at your request, and gift certificates are available as well.


Additional Options

We offer a variety of one-time intensive services for special times of the year, including spring and fall cleaning. If you are moving out of an apartment, we have a specialty service for you, and our team works with new construction companies in providing post-construction cleanup.


Contact us for house cleaners that cover every aspect of the job at hand, including laundry service.


Office Cleaning


Maids In Dallas Cleaning in Dallas, Texas, works with you to define an optimal strategy for commercial cleaning that ensures you have professionals on-site day or night depending on your needs. We are capable of handling even the most difficult of tasks, and we ensure you receive consistent and reliable cleaning services. Our team delivers cleaning services for facilities as small as 250 square feet and as large as up to two million square feet.


Dining Facilities

We work with country clubs that need an exceptional level of cleaning to meet the exclusive requirements of their members. Our team helps you fulfill that promise you make to your patrons and guests with a meticulous approach to cleaning. Restaurant clients also benefit from the spotless dining environment that their customers come to expect.


Property Management

When you have multiple properties with a host of different needs, our team has the experience and resources needed to keep everything clean. Private building owners also need a company that understands their unique situation, and our commitment to quality service is perfectly suited for them.


Multi-Tenant Buildings

For customers in multiple tenant buildings, we offer a program for cleaning that is tailored to meet the individual needs of each unit. No matter what the need, our maids and janitors can deliver on quality cleaning that enhances the value of your entire building. We also offer customized pricing and discounts for groups of residents in the same complex who register together for weekly or bi-weekly service.


Proven Commitment

Our cleaning crews are highly motivated and well-trained, and our sales and customer service professionals will design a customized cleaning program for your facility. Your customer service representative will efficiently address any concerns or implement requested changes to your janitorial service. Some examples of businesses that we provide our services for, include:


  1. Campuses
  2. Warehouses
  3. Corporate Office
  4. Office Buildings
  5. Construction Sites
  6. Medical Facilities and Clinics
  1. Malls
  2. Banks
  3. Insurance Offices
  4. Schools & Colleges
  5. Dental Offices
  6. Shopping Centers
  1. Schools
  2. Movie Theatres
  3. Fitness Centers
  4. Distribution Centers
  5. Healthcare facilities
  1. Showrooms
  2. Auto Dealerships
  3. High Tech Facilities
  4. Manufacturing Facilities
  5. Office/Warehouse Combos



Final Cleaning


Trusted, Reliable, Construction Clean-Up Service … You Can Count On


There are many obstacles on the road to completing quality construction project. That’s why you should entrust your post-project clean up and reputation to Maids in Dallas  Cleaning- a company with over 10 years of specialty cleaning experience.


We’ll work with you to define the optimal cleaning Strategy and make sure you have professionals On-site day or night, 7 (seven) days a week, we are capable handling even the most difficult tasks. Maids in Dallas Cleaning will ensure you have the resources you need to get that job done right.


Maids in Dallas Cleaning Construction Clean-Up Services are Available for Variety of Special Projects, Including but not Limited to:


  1. New Construction
  2. Renovation
  3. Turnkey Make-ready
  4. Ongoing Cleaning and Maintenance Services.


After the construction clean-up project is complete, our job is not done. We will also work with you to design a schedule cleaning maintenance program that will meet your specific needs. This will allow you to protect your investment and maintain the cleanliness and appearance of valuable assets throughout your facility.


Contact us for a company with a comprehensive approach to construction final cleaning.


Restaurant and Inspection Cleaning:



  1. Clean all Entrances and lobbies.
  2. Clean and polish all metal hardware.
  3. Clean all tables and chairs.
  4. Clean entrance glass doors inside and out.
  5. Detail all woodwork and clean all glass and mirrors.
  6. Dust walls, high ledges, light fixtures and air ducts.
  7. Dust baseboards, plug covers and light switches.
  8. Polish handrails.
  9. Dust and clean reception area.
  10. Vacuum carpeted areas.
  11. Clean and mop floor tiles.


Dining Area

  1. Clean all tables, chairs and barstools.
  2. Detail all woodwork and clean all glass and mirrors.
  3. Dust baseboards, doors, doorknobs, plug covers and light switches.
  4. Polish handrails.
  5. Dust window sills and frames.
  6. Clean appliances, hoods and vents.
  7. Polish stainless steel and plumbing fixtures.
  8. Wash and shine counter tops.
  9. Vacuum and wipe down all cabinets, drawers and shelves.
  10. Clean all sinks and drains.
  11. Clean refrigerator and ice bins.
  12. Vacuum all carpeted areas.
  13. Machine clean tile floors and seal upon request.


Kitchen Area

  1. Clean appliances, hoods and vents.
  2. Polish all stainless steel and plumbing fixtures.
  3. Wash and shine counter tops.
  4. Clean all sinks, drains and ice bins.
  5. Vacuum and wipe down all cabinets, drawers and shelves.
  6. Clean storage closets.
  7. Clean all walk-in refrigerators and freezers including metal shelving.
  8. Clean and mop floor tile.
  9. Machine clean tile floors and seal upon request.



  1. Clean fixtures and chrome fittings.
  2. Clean and disinfect toilets.
  3. Wash walls, partitions and doors.
  4. Clean mirrors and polish hardware.
  5. Vacuum and wipe down all cabinets, drawers and shelves.
  6. Clean all sinks and drains.
  7. Clean storage closets.
  8. Clean and mop tile floor.
  9. Machine clean tile floors and seal upon request.


Offices Area

  1. Dust all chairs, desks, tables, filing cabinets and other furniture.
  2. Clean telephones and dust office machines.
  3. Vacuum and wipe down all cabinets, drawers and shelves.
  4. Dust baseboards, plug covers, switches, doors and ledges, light switches and light fixtures.
  5. Vacuum carpeted areas.
  6. Clean and mop floor tiles.
  7. Machine clean tile floors upon request


Construction Clean-up


Construction Clean-Up Final Phase: Entry

  1. Clean entry doors, ledges and doorknobs
  2. clean and mop tile, linoleum or vinyl floors
  3. clean and dust wood floors.


Living & Dining Rooms

  1. Dust outside of fireplaces and hearth.
  2. Vacuum inside of fireplaces.
  3. Clean glass inside/outside.
  4. Dust and polish handrails.
  5. Dust window sills and sliders.
  6. Clean sliding glass door tracks.



  1. Dust plugs and switches throughout house.
  2. Clean out heater and cabinet. Dust stairway railing.


Wet Bars

  1. Clean sinks.
  2. Polish plubming fixtures.
  3. Clean counter tops.
  4. Clean out cabinets.



  1. Clean appliances, hoods and vents.
  2. Polish plumbing fixtures.
  3. Wash and shine counter tops.
  4. Vacuum and wipe down cabinets and drawers.
  5. Clean sinks.
  6. Check garbage disposal for foreign objects.
  7. Dust out storage closet. Dust lighting and ceiling.
  8. Mop vinyl, tile or linoleum floors.
  9. Clean oven and dishwasher.
  10. Check under stove top.



  1. Dust window sills and sliders.
  2. Dust closets and drawers.
  3. Clean mirrored wardrobe doors where applicable.



  1. Clean toilets, bathtubs, showers and enclosures.
  2. Polish plumbing fixtures.
  3. Clean out cabinets and drawers.
  4. Clean counter tops and sinks.
  5. Clean mirrors.
  6. Clean medicine cabinets.
  7. Mop floors.
  8. Check and dust lighting fixtures.


Garage and Sidewalks

  1. Sweep and hose down any debris.



  1. Clean spider webs from outside entry.
  2. Dust baseboards.
  3. Detail all woodwork.
  4. Clean high ledges where seen from second story.
  5. Dust all doors, doorknobs, plug covers and switches.
  6. Wash all windows inside and out.
  7. Vacuum all carpeted areas.
  8. Vacuum and clean all window tracks.
  9. Check detail in hidden areas and clean where needed.
  10. Wipe clean front door and wash threshold.



Contact us for a company with a comprehensive approach to commercial cleaning.